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AirPure Control Systems was founded in 2020 to meet the challenge of providing a cost effective solution to reduce microbial load in commercial spaces, particularly to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our System
Meet It

The AirPure Control Systems HVAC system was born out of the need to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Early on it was recognized that COVID was airborne and was spreading very quickly in interior spaces. At AirPure we designed our ducted system to make the indoors much more healthy. The key is to greatly reduce the viral load in the interior space, approaching what you would find outdoors. Our system is designed to work on any airborne pathogen be it flu, coronavirus, rhinovirus, fungal, bacterial and more.

Know It

Our system works by precision managing air flows, sterilizing the return air, filtering the entire flow, and efficiently introducing fresh air to dilute the recycled stream. Our system is far more efficient than standard HVAC systems, employing state of the art controls and air quality monitoring technology.  In addition, data logging and real-time condition monitoring options are available for record keeping and ensuring optimal performance.

Save It

Our system is designed to be much more energy efficient than a traditional ducted HVAC system, saving building owners much needed operational costs. Keep your money in your building and our planet greener.

Choose It

We have two basic models, new and retrofit. For new installations, our team can design and install systems for almost any interior space, custom fitting your structures. For those with existing ducted systems, we can retrofit most in-place systems to achieve that improved air quality needed to keep today’s spaces healthy.

See It

Want to see it in action for yourself? Contact us to schedule a tour of our state of the art facility in Manchester CT, where the world’s first AirPure system is installed and operating.


Hospitals, retirement homes, rehab centers, medical offices and assisted living facilities are on the front lines of infection. The AirPure system is designed to drastically reduce viral loads for all airborne pathogens, which will lower rates of transmission.


Our system is easily employed in restaurants, event halls, offices, theaters, bars, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Solutions for new and existing systems are available.


Classrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums and cafeterias are all perfect for the AirPure system. Helping keep students, as well as educational staff, healthy and in the classroom is paramount at AirPure.


Town Halls, meeting rooms, open offices and call centers are all well suited to our patented system.


Keeping our troops in battle-ready condition is a special goal of AirPure Control Systems. Fixed installations at bases, barracks, hangars and maintenance facilities, as well as our mobile systems for forward deployed field command centers, hospitals and more are right in our wheel house.

Meet Us

Mr. Bonzani is a recognized leader in the fields of both engineering and adaptive reuse.  He is a Master’s graduate of the University of Connecticut, holds three degrees in engineering (Chemical, Materials, Metallurgy Engineering) and one in foreign language.  He holds multiple patents in coatings, sensing, and HVAC design.  Mr. Bonzani authored numerous scientific publications and presented at professional conferences.  

He is a well-regarded subject matter expert in thermal spray coatings, particularly for the aerospace industry.  In the field of adaptive reuse, Mr. Bonzani has overseen planning and operations for multiple historic renovation projects, has extensive experience with Historic Tax Credits, financing, leasing, building systems, restoration, building codes and environmental compliance.   

Mr. Bonzani brings his extensive engineering, aerospace and commercial construction/building systems backgrounds together, culminating in a ground-breaking HVAC solution to reduce microbial load in interior spaces, with the added benefit of being more energy efficient than conventional systems.

Peter Bonzani Jr.
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